What's the New York Bar Picture Book?


The New York Bar Picture Book both the name of my website where I doodle my thoughts and observations coloured by my time as a corporate lawyer, as well as an actual visual study guide for the New York State Bar Exam.

While I was studying for the bar exam, I struggled with trying to memorize dry legal textbooks. In order to get through the material, I drew big poster sized notes because I am a visual learner and doodled in the margins out of boredom. After a few years of practicing law, I turned back to these old notes, rewrote them, and added more cartoons in hopes that they could help others. This was how The New York Bar Picture Book was born.

My mission is to continue writing legal picture books and study guides so that I can make the law fun for those who want to get to know her a bit better!


About Me



Hi! I’m Wela. I am a proud Albertan who used to work as a corporate lawyer in NYC. Then I quit, wrote the NYBPB, got lost in the universe a bit and started this website. When I am not writing, I can be found eating something; usually potatoes. Say “potatoes!” to me at wela @ nybarpicturebook.com

Disclaimer Legal Jargon

Hey guys, please don’t think anything on my website is legal advice or that somehow through the magic of the internet I’ve become your lawyer because I am not (your lawyer). My comics are for FUN only… so please don’t rely on them as legal advice ok? Thanks.


A Note for Non-Lawyers

Every year approximately 15,000 law students from around the world take the New York State Bar Exam. The exam is a torturous two days long, 8 hours each day and includes 6 essays, 200 multiple choice questions, and other assorted horrors from close to 20 different areas of law. It is significantly less fun than eating potatoes.