So.. about that mailing list


I keep getting notifications that people are signing up for my mailing list. I tried to investigate (by try to investigate I mean ask my huba-friend) whether these are just bots or something but it seems like it’s not! He said from his experience building websites, there’s very little chance that bots would come and sign up for someone’s random mailing list. So there you go, maybe all you out there are for real and actually signing upĀ for my currently non-existent list! haha.

I suppose that means at some point – probably early in the new year – I should actually create a newsletter. What do I even write in it? I guess I better start thinking about that.

In the meantime… onwards!




Still leaning heavily on my Contracts 101 material for regular posts. I’ve been really scattered as of late, things have been just insane. I feel perpetually guilty when I am not working on new material. I suppose I need to learn to forgive myself and be ok with posting my Contract 101 stuff! The good news is my home office is 95% set up so I can hopefully get back to my productive zone again! Yay big monitors! Yay external keyboards! Yay photoshop!


Ok. I am back!


So last week was a gong show. I finally got my photoshop working again… yay! I am sort of back now. I say sort of because everything has been REALLY HAIRY this year. I am hoping I can get back to a good routine now that things are settling down. I am actually looking forward to this winter! Hopefully my internet and photoshop will not break again anytime soon!


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