Whao, I fell off the wagon!


In my defense it has been an utterly insane fall including a period of homelessness and uncertainty about if we’d have a place to live so I am definitely forgiving myself!  (more…)

Bankruptcy is here!!!!


Wow. I have been so unbelievably busy that I have had no time to even tell anyone that my bankruptcy book is out – and that it was actually picked up by a publisher !!!




Ok, so I am SUPER frustrated with Amazon. They shipped out probably one of my books and it was damaged and now I got a complaint that the item was sold “as new” but isnt. And now they want ME to do something about this when I have nothing to do with the logistics of sending anything behind the scenes. *sigh*

In the meantime, they have de-listed my book. *sigh*

I have such a love hate relationship with Amazon. I love them because they allow me to sell my books. I hate them because they’re horrible to deal with. I think overall I will land on the side of – I can’t wait to not have to deal with the logistics of selling books. It’s why the publisher takes such a big cut – the back end logistics of actually selling physical things is awful. It makes me want to cry.

Still hustling trying to get there: that golden mountain top where I don’t have to deal with the business side of my art.

This part is always the hardest.

Still waiting on some movement on Bankruptcy. Sigh. Universe, please help me.


Out Out Newsletter!


Well, after like 2 years, we finally sent out a newsletter announcing my forth coming Contracts law picture book. Can you believe it took that long? I mean seriously. This shit is hard to do. Of course right after we sent it I found all sorts of broken links and broken everything. Of course. But hey, perfection is the enemy of progress right? (as my OCD goes into spasms). I said we would try to do a kickstarter but honestly I am really not into that idea at all.  (more…)

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