A serious case of the Mondays

So my internet has been down all day. You are wondering how I am posting this… well my friends this is yet another reason why unlike other people I LOVE my cell phone carrier T-Mobile! the internet tethering game is strong! The bigger problem however is that my photoshop is ALSO down. Sigh. Mondays. I think all the electronics went on vacation. I can’t post anything until my photoshop comes back up, I will need to get walked through on getting it up again. It did inspire today’s comic though (which will probably get posted tomorrow…) I am also continuing to neglect my book writing duties in favour of funner comics and the day job. Ah well. I told myself 2018 is a new year and I will re-start. Is adulting just the constant feeling of neglecting some duty or other that you’re not fulfilling? It seems like it, and it sucks. What a serious case of the Mondays!