Another reboot

So for those of you who don’t run a website, you probably don’t realize how much work it is to maintain one. Stuff is going wrong all the time. Computers malfunction and shit just happens. Servers go down or stuff just needs to be rebooted. My site was down again today, the last time was back in the fall. It’s really crazy how much work it takes to keep a site running, even if just a tiny obscure one like mine. Anyway, this has given me new perspective on why companies need thousands of people to run a website. Man is it a lot of effort / work. It looks easy but it’s not!

On the plus side, today’s error required merely a reboot. Literally turn off / on the computer that my website lives on. Funny how so many of our electronic problems can be fixed by a simple reboot. I guess we humans are the same. Every night we go to bed and the next morning is a reboot. Or we go on vacation or take a couple of days off to reboot. Sometimes we all just need to press the restart button.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could resolve all our problems this way?!

Alas. A girl can dream.

Ne lâche pas. Onwards!