Busy Busy Bee

Woke up today to several messages. This is really turning into an all consuming gig and I am loving it! Complaints about shipping prices ensue. We are still trying to figure out the best way to do it. I think Amazon has spoiled everyone into thinking that shipping should be free and I don’t blame people. I am myself that person who refuses to pay for shipping but alas I don’t know how else to do this when the shipping just costs that much. I can’t lose money over shipping, that makes no sense. Still trying to puzzle over how to solve this problem. In the meantime my solution is always this: draw a comic! That’s what I shall be working on today (not what I had planned but it’s all a learning process).

Also, my friend pointed out that the website is slow to load in China. Boo. The internet is so much faster over there! At least I’m not on the outside of the firewall. Also that I should allow for an email updates sign up. I guess I should do that. I just keep thinking no one wants to hear from me but she’s right, some people probably won’t want to buy until the books are actually here, they don’t want to pre-order. We need a way to keep those people in the loop.

Also, my proof should be here in my hands on Monday! WHAO!!! once we ok that the printers will get to work printing! Have to say shout out to Blurb and Melissa at Blurb who has been working with Ethan on the printing. So far Ethan said he’s had a great experience with them which is fantastic! We need to ok the proof asap so that everything will ship in time for December.

Also, my article is live! Woohoo!! It feels great to be in such a legit publication. I have to remember to continue to actually write thing. I am so caught up drawing comics that I forget that my job is to write things. But I guess my job is everything now – doing comics, maintaining my site and writing. Eventually when the time comes I’ll also be shipping books!

Last but not least, my former boss and role model Kim told me that she thought my comics were HILARIOUS. Wow! I am so happy and proud that she thinks that! I’m glad people are finding them entertaining. It’s so nice to get some feedback on the work I’m doing just to know that it’s not all for nothing.

And now, this trucker is gonna go back to trucking. Keep on!