Bye Bye For Now Instagram!

So I’ve decided to pull the plug on my Instagram account.

It was a long time coming. I think I’ve complained about social media from day 1 and sort of just hit a wall with listening to my own internal whining. My account didn’t gain that may followers and I just never could muster the effort it took to go around liking and commenting on other people’s posts which is necessary to build a good following.

I think something Matt over at Quimbee said to me really stuck with me: people don’t REALLY come onto Instagram looking to buy something or learn something. It’s all just to go around clicking and browsing.. a very inactive sort of engagement. While I know that other people would be able to make something of my art, I’m a one woman show and well it’s just not working out for me. I realized that the mental effort it took me and the “chore” feeling just wasn’t worth it anymore. I gave it my darndest and I am satisfied with my own efforts. I can’t be good at everything and that’s ok.

I think growing up is very much about learning to accept your own limitations. I can’t dress myself properly. I can’t stand people who smoke and walk. I can’t do social media. There you go.

The good news is, now that I’ve pulled the plug, I will be accountable to myself to re-focus on my actual work. Doing more pages for my next book and drawing more comics. I am most excited about that!

I suppose I’ll leave my Facebook page up and running. It’s another one of those venues where unless I spend time engaging with it, it’s not going to give me anything in return. Well, I have too much creating to do damnit. The hell with all the other stuff!

Who knows if this was the right or wrong decision. At least I made it and can be done with it. I was never one to do what’s expected of me anyway. I’ll make my own way – sans social media for now. Onwards!