Chaos in transit

Topsy-turvy lately as I have essentially been in transit for the last two weeks. Chaos is not conducive to creation and I am looking forward to settling down in a place and being able to produce again.

Several exciting developments – I seemed to have (though not in the way I would think) gotten the attention of my law school Dean who tweeted about my book (yay!), I have signed on to do more legal panels with Quimbee (yay, yay, yay!!) and it seems like people are finding my book Amazon (more yays!). I hope to keep the momentum going since things are finally looking on the up and up!

Some random thoughts: social media takes so much effort to upkeep. I am starting to wonder what the point of having a Facebook page is. I really don’t know that it’s doing anything?  I guess I have to just keep at it. Also, I need to find a way for my book to ship to Canada so that my compatriots can have access to it! Still a long way to go I guess. Always work to be done.

Keeping on!