Churn churn Churn!

I am trying to get through the last bit of non-work busyness until the fall gets fully under-way. I cannot wait for Oct 1!

(1) Been traveling way too much this year and am looking forward to staying put for the next couple of months. It’s hard to get anything significant done when your schedule keeps getting disrupted. No complaints from me but it will be nice to be at home this fall, I am looking forward to the productivity!

(2) Running a website sucks. But hey, we just passed our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! That deserves a moment of celebration. No one tells you how often websites go down. Its just me and my partner and it’s shocking how often the site goes down and I am left powerless. Really makes me appreciate well run websites. Shit just breaks all the time and a lot of it is not within your control. Isn’t that the story of being an adult? You think you have some handle on something only to realize you do not. My site went down for like 2 days this week because some link or something was not pointing correctly. Sigh. Everything that seems easy is really actually hard. Life lessons eh?

(3) I had a fantastic conversation with my advisor Prof. Ben-Ishai, I think we are finally going to move forward with the Bankruptcy study guide! Apparently the publisher has asked to speak with me directly. I do not want to get overly excited but this would be a real publisher, not just me and my partner in our apartment printing books. Not that there’s anything wrong with self-publishing because it’s a great learning process, but my dream was always to get the attention of a real publisher even if it meant less money in pocket for me. Writing books isn’t going to make me a millionaire anyway it’s far too much of a passion project so the thought of a contract with a real publisher makes me want to cry out with joy. I shant say more for fear of jinxing it but I hope to have an exciting update on that soon.

(4) Still getting newsletter sign ups and still have yet to write a newsletter. Maybe when I have some news to announce.

(5) Contracts 101 is moving at a snail’s pace but it’s moving. Prof Ben-Ishai gave me some comments and I will need to do another round of detailed fixing plus overall fixing. I am hopeful to have it all squared away by the end of October. I would love to get this publishing house published as well but we’ll see. If not we’ll go ahead and do another round of self-printing.

(6) My picturebook sales haven’t been doing so great but considering I put zero effort into marketing I guess I cannot complain. Amazon is starting to charge me through the nose for having my books in their warehouse and I might have to euthanize a bunch of them. Costly and heartbreaking lessons to learn but such is the way of being a human… everything is always learned from scratch. Blerg.

(7) It’s almost Thanksgiving! (not Yanksgiving.. Thanksgiving..) I think this year we will celebrate both Thanksgiving and Yanksgiving. Twice the turkey, twice the fun. Woohoo!

(8) I think that’s all for now. Keep calm, carry on!