Comic in a textbook!

Guess what guys! one of my comics is going to appear in an Australian legal textbook! 

Apparently my humpty dumpty eggshell skull comic caught the attention of one of the authors in the upcoming Australian legal textbook called Investigating Legal Studies for Queensland and will be a part of the textbook!

I am super duper uber excited about this.

The bad news? the publisher seems totally not into the idea of giving me the contact info of the authors of said textbook so that I may get in touch with whoever found me and figure out how they found me. Le Sigh.

What a pain in the ass these large publishers. It’s like assaulting a wall over and over and just getting constantly rejected. If you haven’t noticed my desire to work with a real publisher wanes daily as I try to push forward with my second book. I mean seriously what can happen with me and an Australian professor? I just want to know how my comic was found, what’s with all these Chinese walls being erected?

I am contemplating whether I should reach out to these professors on my own. It’s stupid because there’s so many listed and who knows which one found my work. Ah well, stop focusing on the negatives.. I’ll be in an Australian textbook come September! WOOHOO!!

In the meantime my pen wasn’t the issue, it was a microsoft update that screwed me up last week. Sorry for ranting about the pen.. but seriously get it together microsoft!

Finally, I have made no progress on getting my Contracts 101 started for the print process. Every-day a struggle. I guess I have to just continue forward.