DALA Interview

Got myself profiled by the droit autrement / legal alternative (DALA) students over at my alma mater. Finally someone noticed! Yay!

Been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to really write stuff. I have to get back to writing. Balancing is always such a delicate struggle but I intend to find some sort of happy medium where I my writing/art can peacefully co-exist with my consulting work. Right now there’s a some art but not enough writing. Nothing is ever perfect!

I do feel like I have settled into more of a rhythm with my work day now though so that’s pretty great. I just need to allocate more of the creative time to doing actual writing. One foot ahead of the other and hopefully I will get the right balance soon.

Also, I am still struggling a bit with student engagement. Maybe it just takes more time. I am toying with the idea of putting up on the site a “dear Wela” where students can write in to ask me questions and I can answer them with comics. Will noodle with this idea a little more. The Quimbee work is fantastic. I love doing it but again I feel like not enough exposure. I’m still horrible with self-promotion. My books are slowly selling on Amazon though so that’s great! They’re not moving nearly as fast as I would hope but the fact that they are actually moving is a big win.

Guess I have to continue with the shameless plugs. Sigh.