Yesterday my site was down. Oh, and the world seemed to be falling apart. These last couple of months have been tumultuous to say the least and what the future holds remains uncertain to me. One thing I grow more convicted about though is the absolute need for positivity and conviction that law is a force for good. This is something that must be believed by the profession and in turn can only benefit the rest of society.

In the last couple of days, the political developments have left many people feeling unsafe. The legal profession and lawyers must remain vigilant about our purpose and why we must continue our work. On my end, my contributions seem small and almost insignificant. I am not an immigration lawyer, nor am I American, nor do I feel like I have much power. Despite this, I know that the best I can do is to continue working hard at my objectives, even if it is microscopic. Every day we must try to be the best versions of ourselves and do the best that we can.

One more note: obviously many comics and artists have taken political stances with their art. I respect their decision to do so. It is strange coming from someone who has a political science degree but I just don’t need to focus on the politics. I want my comics to be a place where people can focus on the law and love of law as a way to make a positive impact. I want to use the attention in this political climate to convey information about law and do my part in educating people about it’s importance. I feel like focusing on ensuring the rule of law is upheld and respected and loved is what is most important. You can hardly go anywhere on the internet without seeing his name and being on a force feed diet of hearing about everything he does. I just want my little corner of the internet to be free of it.

The world is large and beautiful. There is room for all of us.