Fell off the wagon…

So I have been inconsistent about my posting of late.

I think it’s all the other activity happening with my publishing contract and a lot of stuff going on outside of my usual rhythm. I feel a bit discombobulated and it’s throwing me off my normal pattern so I am being a bit scatter brained. I need to find a way to center myself again somehow. I think I will have to ramp down posting to once a week as I begin to work on my new book. I have a lot of material to go through and cover and it’s getting to be really a lot on top of my day job. I don’t love the idea of going down to once a week posting but I think it’s necessary in order to keep everything in balance. I really can’t do less than once a week though.

The other issue is that I really have to dedicate some more time to my contracts book. I am still waiting to hear about whether I potentially have a publishing contract for that. If I do *fingers crossed* then I can tick that to-do item off my list but if I don’t I’d have to start from zero and go through publishing process again. The prospect of that really really scares me not only because of the massive amounts of work but also because it would be us doing this all by ourselves again with no help and no guarantee of any success. *sigh* Plus, it would be another investment of our resources which we probably can’t make back like my first book.

Continue to think positive I guess. I have to continue to have hope that I can get a publishing contract for my contracts book!! Hopefully will have an update soon.