Guys! I made a new shirt!

Wow, the last time I made a shirt was in October of 2016 — that was TWO YEARS ago when I started this website! HOLY SHIT. Here’s my new shirt. And some reflections…

My first thought is that I am pretty bad at being a business woman. Ha Ha. I make things and I have no desire to promote them. I guess we can’t all be good at everything. I wish I were better at it but I’m not and I think I have to just forgive myself for that. My second thought is wow, we are coming up on TWO YEARS! I launched my website in September of 2016 – my first post was Sept 8, 2016 and it is now almost Sept 2018. Time really flies. I am proud of what I’ve done. It is not so fast and not so much but it is something. Today I finally finished my first set of edits to my Contracts 101 book. That’s been a process. And now I will send it off to Professor Ben-Ishai who will help me edit it. Goal is still to get the book published by end of the year.

I also need to follow up with her about the bankruptcy textbook that she is authoring / updating. I think there may be an opportunity for me to create the study guide to that which is very exciting!

Anyway I am plodding away. At a snail’s pace but better than being stagnant. Time to try to sell some T-shirts!