Happy 2019!

Happy New Year everyone! Another year, another chance to be a better person (or at least try to!)

Keeping my comics up to date is pretty darn hard with a full time day job but I am going to try my darndest to stick with my posting schedule (which I have realistically dialed down to once a week) for this year. I am forgiving myself for this because I have books on the go and I have to just be realistic about how much I can get done in a day without dying of exhaustion. It is incredibly time consuming to produce any form of media. It’s easy to just consume but honestly I have so much respect for people who produce because it takes so much time / effort / energy. I liken it to giving birth, everyday you are willing something that does not exist into existence. It’s a lot of work but so worth it. I suppose its how people feel about their babies! And also I guess it is just as much of a crap shoot as it is to have a child. All that effort and he can still turn out to be a little shit. Just like all that effort and your book or art or movie can still be just utter garbage. But the point is that you are compelled so you go and do it, even when you know most of it will be hard and unsatisfying. And not to mention the amount of ungratefulness!

So why do we do it? I cannot say. Perhaps there is a spark inside that makes no sense and we aren’t all pursuing efficiency. Art is an expression and maybe we leave it just at that.

Like I said my Contracts book is finally done. I am — waiting for a print copy!! and then it will be ROUND 2: FIGHT. We shall see how it goes! I have not heard from my publisher since like October and it’s disturbing but what can I do. I guess I will continue to push on my own, maybe set up a Kickstarter. I’m not sure. Sometimes thinking about the future is pointless. I will wait for the print copy and we will go from there.

For 2019, my goal is simple: I want to finish my Torts book and write the Bankruptcy book. Two books. Its a lot to take on but I’m going to try. 5-10 minutes a day and I can get it done. Let’s do this!