How long did that take me? Wayyyyy too long…

So I have FINALLY finished my contracts book. I don’t *quite* recall when I started writing it but it took me wayyyyyyyy too long. 

What matters is that I finished. And well, better late than never! and perhaps I can forgive myself as it always takes awhile to get used to doing something new. In the grand scheme of things, writing books is still fairly new to me. Mostly the editing sucks a lot. Doing time consuming things like adding page numbers or making titles larger or smaller. I spent all weekend but it is done and I can send it out the door.

Still no word from my publisher. I feel ghosted. Sigh. Still no progress on my bankruptcy stuff. Sigh. Maybe this is just the pace of the publishing world and I am used to much faster having been taught that you must respond to clients within the hour. What can I do? Not worry about the outside I guess and just control my insides. Damn, I am tired.