is there a point if there’s no audience?

So I have been grappling with the thought that no one cares about my case-comics. Putting aside the bigger concern of no one cares about what I am doing in general, does it make sense to work on something that only I care about? 

On the publishing / business side, the profit motive continues to make the world go round. If it’s going to be a financial bust, there is absolutely no argument to doing it. Yet, on the other side, there is the argument for the creation of art. When I am compelled to work on something, I work on it and it’s not always clear to me whether it is something that will sell or that anyone¬†will care about. In a way making art is perhaps selfish in that maybe the art you make doesn’t have value to anyone but yourself. But we need people to make art don’t we? We can’t all be driven by the profit motive can we? If I wanted to make money I never would’ve left my high-paying corporate law job.

Everyone is motivated to do something different. Lots of people are motivated to do nothing. But given that I am driven to turn the law into art or at least bridge that gap, isn’t there an argument for continuing to do what I am doing even if I don’t see how it will pay off financially?

When I started writing my picture book, it never even crossed my mind that money would be involved. I did it because I was compelled to do it and I have no other explanation for it. The case drawings? well it is the same thing. I couldn’t tell you how it’s useful or why they have value but to me I am compelled to draw them and so I will continue. I hope it’s value will become apparent later on. Even if not, it is still a part of my inexplicable drive to write and draw. And maybe that is a good enough reason to continue to do it.