My Five

Yesterday as I was drawing my comics I listened to several Ted Talks. Most of them weren’t that great but this one really resonated with me. In the video, Adam asks five questions for his audience to answer for them to determine their life purpose.¬†

Cheese aside, I really enjoyed the simplicity of his message. At the very least, it helped me think about my life’s purpose and whether I could answer the five questions. Being able to answer them right off the bat felt great and for once it seemed like there was something tangible I could point to for why I am doing what I am doing. The one thing that I keep telling myself over and over is that the road ahead is long and paved with thorns. It is and will be extremely difficult. I have to do a lot of work that I am neither good at nor enjoy. I will spend many days feeling down about myself because I will feel like I am failing. My friend’s keep telling me that one day my book will catch on and everyone will snap them up like hot-cakes. I appreciate their enthusiasm and their belief in me but that’s just not how it’s going to go (no matter how much I wish it would!). But hopefully what will happen is that through months and years of dedication, my books will slowly find new parents and make their way out into the world. So here is my five, what is yours?

Who I am: Wela.

What I do: Write.

Who do I do it for: Lawyers.

What do they need and want: More levity / humour; more concise, clear and organized writing; more fun in the materials they learn from.

How will they change: If I’ve done my job, they will laugh more, appreciate their profession more and find beauty and enjoyment in the law.

Finally the bonus:

And what do you do? I make lawyers like themselves more.