Posting contracts 101 stuff

So I have decided to post some of my Contract 101 panels! I might be shooting myself in the foot for doing this but I think by posting it I will subtly encourage myself to continue working on these panels. 

Things are finally settling down a little bit. We’ve finally come back from space and are in what my friend calls “nesting” mode (aka a real address!) and so into the full swing of our next cycle. This year ended up being sort of not very productive for my creative work. I have been drawing just random comics. Next year it will be time to get back fully on the production horse once we establish some semblance of a routine. I also need to get my books back from Seattle so I can re-open my Shopify store.

I have to say it has been great not posting on Instagram. It’s only been like half a month but I already feel great about that decision. I don’t know what it is, it’s not as if I’m creating less, it just feels great to not worry about social media.

Finally, I will need to follow up with Matt at Quimbee before the year is out. I’d like to get back to drawing for them. The break has been needed / nice but now that I’m more stabilized, it would be great to get back to doing those.

Can’t believe we’re only two months away from a new year. Where does the time go?!! On-wards!