Have you ever gottenĀ something so great that you have this irrational of losing it after you get it? I feel this way with Quimbee.com. Let me explain.

A few months ago as I was doing research, I found Quimbee.com. The more I learned about the company, the more in love I was with them. It seemed to me that Quimbee embodied everything I believed in: reforming legal education and helping students achieve their best in law school. Initially when I reached out to Matt, (Quimbee’s founder and CEO, Hi Matt!) I didn’t think I would hear back. I tried not to hang my hat on it because it was literally a cold call. To my utter shock, he responded right away and said he loved my work! Some emails, a fantastic meeting (Hi DeAnna!) and time later, I finally have a working partnership with Quimbee and I cannot be more thrilled. My worry? that it is too good to last.

I know the fear is somewhat irrational but I think nonetheless it is pretty human. I have to pinch myself because the fit just couldn’t be more perfect and that always leaves you wondering well what’s the catch? I definitely felt that way with my last consulting job. I loved the company, I love my bosses and while the work wasn’t a perfect match to my skills, I felt like I could not ask for anything more. And really there was no catch. It was just a fantastic fit. I feel that once again with Quimbee and now I even have the work-matching-skills piece squared away. All I know is that I hope to turn my partnership with Quimbee into something permanent and long-term because I am really convinced there’s no better space for me. I feel like I am jinxing it or being too vulnerable just talking about it, but there you have it.

Yesterday I spoke to my old boss and I realized that there are just some people who inspire you to go and do more. We had such a great catch up and he told me about the exciting new project he is working on – a platform to connect high school students with universities. I am hoping that I will get a chance to contribute somehow to his project in the coming days. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you just gives you this incredible energy and I feel so lucky to have people like that in my life!

My own journey continues. Keep on keeping on my friends!