Random thoughts

I had randomly chosen the number 300 as a cut of line for when I’d have to actually send out a newsletter. I am at 298. The time is soon!

We had to euthanize some of my books in storage. I think I wrote about this already. I am pretty gutted about it but I suppose it is all part of the learning process. I hope they get donated somewhere or something. Sad to think of them just being recycled. But they probably just got recycled. The world is a cruel cruel place.

I have been on the road the last two and a half weeks and I am SO HAPPY to be back home. Traveling is the worst when you don’t want to (and I always want to, but this time the trip was not for me). Excited to settle back in and am hoping to avoid traveling for as much as possible but the year is already filling up. Once you invite the god of travel into your life it seems you cannot un-invite it.

I’ve been posting pages from my upcoming book and at first I felt like oh maybe I shouldn’t be posting these because then no one will buy the book. But then I thought what the hell Wela, the point is to share your knowledge and to make law fun. So what if no one buys the book, it’s information that needs to be out there. So then I stopped feeling bad about posting the pages. I will start drawing some more comics again though, it is hard on the road.

Has anyone read up on the GDPR?! This piece of legislation is insane. Those Europeans.. they always seem to know what’s going on. Luckily I get to marry my legal training w my day job tasks and dig into it. Maybe a comic or two will come out of it!

It is still below zero here in NYC. As much as I love the cold, I am ready for spring and some warmer weather. C’mon Spring!!