Round Two: Fight

So here it is folks! a sneak peak of my second book

Contract LPB














It’s looking pretty good and I am pretty darn proud. It took me longer than I’d like but I want to believe that I am going to get faster and faster at these. The book still has a lot of errors inside but it’s finally taken some shape and I can be happy about that.

So far I have heard nothing from my “publisher”. I am starting to wonder if I dreamed up of having a contract. I started writing my Bankruptcy book but it’s sort of depressing because I feel really dejected because I guess I thought having a publisher meant that I wouldn’t be so alone in this process. Sometimes everything is just shitty and you can’t even enjoy your little victories. I have to remind myself to try. Whatever happens with this book, I have tried and it has been birthed.

It’s still not clear how or what I’m going to do with my Contracts book. I thought I’d have a book deal for it but given that the publisher is MIA, I probably have to continue searching. Or heaven forbid I have to do it all alone again and sell it on Amazon again one book at a time. Or maybe a Kickstarter, which is so much more work but maybe will get me some more exposure. I really don’t know or have a plan right now.

Why do we do these things to ourselves? What compels us to put ourselves through so much discomfort? In search of something bigger? I don’t really know. Maybe I should read some Buddhist philosophy. The stoicism stuff is helping. It tells me that everything else is outside my control. The only thing I can control is to continue producing. To continue with one step at a time. Even if it’s 5 minutes a day.

Forwards. Onwards. 5 minute increments at a time.