Shot in the foot?

I may have just shot myself in the foot by drawing a comic about how I don’t have a newsletter. Haha! Is honesty always the best policy? Perhaps not in this situation since there should be more of a “wizard of oz” feel to all of this?


Honesty is the best policy. And it’s not as if y’all don’t already know.. I have written about my non-existent newsletter before and people are still signing up so there you have it! (Hopefully this post and comic doesn’t dissuade people from signing up for the newsletter.. which I will be creating shortly!). Hence, my question of did I just shoot myself in the foot… ah well.

I suppose the heat is now turned up on actually writing a newsletter. Maybe a simple one with an update of what I plan on doing this year. I shall get to it in the next couple of weeks. It feels slightly more urgent than before as more people sign up.

I am getting a little sad because Amazon is starting to charge me warehousing prices for the books that haven’t sold.. which is many many. I guess it was our lesson to learn┬áthat we printed wayyyy too many books and got trigger happy. *sigh*

I even read in my research that people generally do not sell more than 200 of their self published books. I have sold a little more than that but not much more and well it was just folly / hubris / hopefulness that my books would do better. Also, there was a bulk discount. I think that largely factored into the decision too. They always get you with the bulk discount.

Trying to keep my head up about it and continue on. The thing about this is that there’s not really a one-size fits all method for independent artists to make their way. Everyone has to “feel the rocks to cross the river” (Chinese proverb) so to speak and learn, one lesson at a time, one minor set back at a time. Every day is a new lesson to be learned.

In lessons we trust!