Slowly pushing forward

As you can see I have been massively bad about keeping up with the posting but I have a good reason I promise!

It seems I may have landed myself multiple book deals!!!!

Discussions with my publisher have been going great and I am SUPER excited to move to the next phase. I’ve signed my Bankruptcy visual study guide contract and will be getting to work on that very soon but in the meantime it looks like my Contracts 101 book will be published too. WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m trying not to get overly overly excited but I am feeling very very optimistic. I started writing my New York Bar Picture Book 5 years ago so this has definitely been a looooong time coming. I am so very cautiously excited because having gone through the self publishing route I now fully understand the value of having a publisher. Someone else to market my stuff, to warehouse the books, to distribute them, ship them, get my materials in front of lawyers at law firms, reach out to law schools, promote to professors, to get me mentioned in the media, do my marketing etc etc. all the NON-WRITING parts of being a writer… WHEEEE!!!!!!

We’re also talking about series of books so this might turn finally into something with more longevity and sustainability !! This week I am waiting for a couple more contracts to come through. I will report back when I have some news. I have been told that I am lucky in the jobs department and that perhaps I have good karma. But damnit I paid for this. I’d like to think its not some fluke of the universe because goddamnit I paid for this. 5 years of wandering in the career desert and I can finally perhaps have something decent to show for it. I refuse to let my consistency and perseverance be explained away by something so ephemeral like fluke. I am taking a moment to feel good about my accomplishments. And boy does it feel great!