Some light at the end of the tunnel


Finally, Finally, Finally! My books are real and here! Well the first 50 – which we will have to send out to try to get some media attention. The good news: my store is now officially open!! woohoo!! the bad news: now comes the un-glamorous work of trying to put myself out there.

As may artists would probably agree – the best part of doing their work is doing their work. The writing. The acting. The drawing. The worst part? the self-promotion. I hate doing it and I wish I can just wash my hands of it. Perhaps that’s why people have agents. Maybe one day I will be an author with an agent! imagine that! A girl can dream. And a girl will continue to dream!

After almost a year of full time writing and months of editing, to have this thing physically in my hands feels surreal. But here I am and here it is… so off to work we go!