Still here!

It’s been awhile since I wrote something. Things have been super busy and I have been running around. Seems like it won’t settle down until maybe later this fall. I am still keeping up with my posting schedule and my Quimbee work which I am proud of. Starting a new book has been stalled and sales of the Picture Book are a bit dependent on the season. My Instagram seems to have leveled off and truth be told I am sort of too lazy to cultivate it. Mostly, I am not convinced that it’s a marketing avenue that fits with my personality so I feel like I am doing a bad job. And as with all things, if you feel like you’re bad at it, you put less and less effort which means you get worse and worse at it. Sigh.

It’s incredible to me the amount of effort it takes to market something. I don’t think people understand just how much effort it takes to constantly be promoting a brand and telling people about it. I definitely have so much respect for people who make a name for themselves because man is it exhausting. It would be so much easier to just live in obscurity. Another part of it is that I hate doing it. I would rather just be using my time on creating things, which is what I am doing. I guess the struggle is pretty much never-ending until one magical day in the distant future where the work has enough audience that it will sell itself. I hold onto that thought that there will be a day where this can happen for me. For now, it’s still toiling in the dark, and putting in the time, hoping eventually someone will notice. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since honestly I spend all my time creating and hardly any of it promoting.

I read somewhere that everything everyone does, as far as a bigger purpose in life, is an immortality project. Our bodies die but our energy, our spirit, we want that to live on. All great monuments big and small are immortality projects. We all want to be remembered after we pass. I won’t pretend that putting ink to paper isn’t my immortality project. I suppose it’s as good of one as I can come up with. Some people have children. Some people build statutes. I want to leave behind books.

Keep on keeping on.