Taking stock and reassessing

Yesterday I got some bad news.

I was told that my Quimbee project is now on hold. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a way forward with them but I suppose I shouldn’t hold my breath. I was and still am devastated. I mean I completely understand why the project has to stop for awhile but the whole time I felt really powerless to do anything about it.

I think my Quimbee panels were some of my best work. I still really believe in what they’re doing and I believe it fits very well with my own mission. But it just didn’t fit in with what the core business is – or at least no effort was expended into figuring out how to integrate the work. The instagram account was very isolated from everything else and I really should’ve pushed harder to have the comics included in the platform or come up with a better way to utilize them. I was given a small piece and I did the best I could with that piece but I didn’t work hard enough to make my work more relevant. I really couldn’t count on them to figure out how best to use my work and that failing was on me.

This sort of opened the door to a larger internal discussion over where I should spend my time this next year. Naturally my day-time will be fully occupied by Concourse work and I am ever so grateful to have been given such an exciting and amazing opportunity. In my spare time though I need to re-consider where and how I should use my precious hours.

For starters, this definitely opened up a sore spot: the pointlessness of social media. I expend way too much energy on it and the returns are abysmal. I feel like I dedicated so much effort to promoting and not much has come of it. This at the cost of production and it bothers me a lot. I think it is time to go back to producing.

Whether or not I will be successful and well-known for my legal comics is something only time and fate will tell. Maybe I will never get there. Maybe it will take me a decade. Who knows. But when I look back, what matters most is that I kept at it and I kept doing it. The mark of a person is what he/she does when no one else is looking.

I am considering dialing down the comics to once a week and using the rest of my time to work on my next book. I am going to take the next little while to discuss with some friends and make a judgement call. Maybe I also need a larger plan but for now I know that this is a good time to evaluate.

I will come back after Labour Day with some new goals and a new plan. Onwards.