Web-site Down

So my website was totally down for the last 5 days. Something about servers re-starting and things not rebooting correctly. The result was me being super sad that I had to miss posting a comic on Thursday and then even sadder that I was totally helpless and didn’t know how to bring the site back up.

My huba-friend is the who one knows how this all goes and I just never bothered learning. And since he was unavailable, I was stuck with a web-site down. The good news is that I don’t think my web-site actually drives all that much traffic to my Amazon book page. I think most of my sales are coming through being found on Amazon itself. The bad news is that .. well.. makes me get into this negative cycle of “what’s the point” and “who even cares” if my site is down.

I suppose the answer is that I care and I was super upset about it but I had to just let it go. Sometimes, you have to know when there’s just nothing that can be done about it.

Over the last week, I told myself I would think more about my social media strategy. Actually, the wonderful Nicole who runs Gen Why Lawyer has volunteered to help coach me in social media. I still have to respond to her in a meaningful way but I am realizing that I’m totally running out of social media steam. Aside from being UBER busy with my day-job work, I’m having to do lots of traveling and deal with re-entry into normal society.

The last two years have just been insane and I think perhaps finally by the end of the year the rocket ship will finally come back to earth. In that process, there’s a lot of topsy-turvy and it’s not the best environment to take on social media since it is so hard for me and so arduous and seemingly so meaningless. It’s hard enough to even get enough time to work on my art let alone the constant need to promote on Instagram.

Since my Quimbee stuff is on hiatus – (I hope it’s just a hiatus!) maybe I can revamp my schedule. One comic a week and the rest of the time dedicated to working on my next book. Maybe I will stew over that a little bit more before pulling the trigger.

I love drawing my comics, but I think I need to get back to producing real legal education books.