Whao, I fell off the wagon!

In my defense it has been an utterly insane fall including a period of homelessness and uncertainty about if we’d have a place to live so I am definitely forgiving myself! 

But I am back now and NOT homeless anymore and gearing up for 2020 woohoo!

So far I have done zilch by way of following up to see how my bankruptcy book is doing. Oh well.

Maybe 2020 is the year I forgive myself for not being able to do it all and stop feeling guilty about giving zero shits and having zero energy for marketing.

I have a massive to-do list for 2020 including: finishing Torts and writing a Tax Law guide as well as finding a publisher for Contracts, Torts and Tax! I even have a mind to get started on a non-fiction book I’m planning on.

Seriously way too ambitious.

But it’s 2020, it’s LITERALLY: THE FUTURE! and in THE FUTURE things will be awesome.

And I am going to head into THE FUTURE with a belly full of optimism and a heart full of forgiveness for myself for being shitty at all the things I am shitty at.

I just gotta be good at the thing I said I am good at and be accountable to that.

Yep. Let’s do this!