What the heck is the New York State Bar Exam anyway?

So, I have to admit something. The term “New York State Bar Exam” doesn’t actually mean anything. Why? because there’s actually no one term for the exams. I say exams because yes it is actually multiple exams with multiple different names. All this does is lead unsuspecting students down a path where they worry if they’ve actually written all of the exams necessary to become a lawyer. Psyche! you missed the MEE portion of the UBE, you are barred from being barred! (please clap).

Today I went back onto the New York State Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) website to look up what was going on with the latest bar exam sitting. Navigating the new changes and reading through the website sent chills down my spine because it reminded me of the time I was a law student trying to figure out all the right pieces of the puzzle. What the hell is an MBE? what’s this new NYLE? Why are there all these acronyms! why is the MPRE written at a different time? GAAHHH!!!!

In light of this continued sorry state of affairs, I have decided to dedicate this afternoon’s work to drawing an easy to understand comic showing what each acronym means and how to navigate the exam system. Fear not, innocent and terrified law students, your nights of waking up in a cold sweat screaming MPT are about to be over!