WHAT THE… WEB 100?!?!

HOLY FREAKING MOLY I made it to the ABA's Web 100!!!

So, just yesterday I was lamenting my continued struggles with internet and technology blah blah. I quit social media a couple weeks ago for my book and am struggling to keep up with my production but then HOLY MOLY FREAKING COW I get an email telling me I made the ABA’s Web 100!!!!!

Needless to say I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY. I seriously thought it would take me YEARS (plural) before anyone over at the ABA would notice my tiny little corner of the web. I was completely not expecting this AT ALL. I am so so so humbled and thrilled and touched that I got picked. I don’t even know what to say. I suppose now I have to double down on this journey I am taking haha!

I have been up and running for just a little over a year now. It has been a huge learning experience and a fantastic adventure. I have had some more people subscribe to my non-existent newsletter. Guess I should write a newsletter now! Most of it has been hard. I am still selling very few books and  have no idea how to get myself out there some more in a way that fits my capabilities. In my quitting social media post I went into length about how it just wasn’t for me and how doing it was too much of a drag when this is supposed to be my outlet and passion project. I suppose there’s no one road to success and I will just have to carve out my own.

There are still a bazillion things I should be doing better. I should be connecting with other legal bloggers. I should be more a part of the community. I should be doing this and that and everything but I am just no good at it. Perhaps this is a chance to forgive myself for my short-comings and focus on what I can do, which is to continue on this path.

I have made it my goal next year to finish my Contracts 101 book. It’s about time! Maybe for this next book I can do a kickstarter or something. We’ll see. For now, I am going to walk around with a giant ass smile on my face.

When the light shines on the things we do in the dark – it is spectacular!