Where are the rest of my fries?

I have to say I have found this terribly troubling:


I have been dealing with this travesty for awhile now but it’s time to make it public. I don’t know why but McDonald’s fries in Seattle come in these bags. I don’t know if you can tell but the one on the left is large, the one in the middle is small and the one on the right is medium. Yes. That’s right folks. They come in these little bags. I am appalled! When I order large fries, I expect to get LARGE FRIES! In a RED CARTON, not in some flimsy BAG! Not to mention a bag that hardly looks any bigger than the small fries bag!

I am investigating why this is the case. Next time I order fries I intend to ask the staff why they come in these bags. I also expect to be given a run-down as to how or why they feel like it’s ok to violate my expectations. In contract law, you not only get what you agreed on, but when that something agreed on violates expectations, you are allowed to sue for EXPECTATION DAMAGES!

I have eaten McDonald’s fries all around the world and no one, I mean NO ONE in any country I’ve been to dared to serve me large fries in anything but the red carton. SHAME on you Seattle. SHAME!

ps. next time I intend to count the number of fries and see what the fry count difference is. Usually I am too busy stuffing them into my face as soon as I get them but I must work on restraint for the greater good.

To be continued…