Access to the law is powerful.

It’s not great to be human at the moment. Especially a hyphenated human.

On top of COVID, hyphenated humans are currently dealing with even more hurt. Whether it’s Asian Americans or Black Canadians, there is so much pain out in the world facing our communities and it is hard to know what we should be doing, or how we should be acting, to try to pick up the pieces.

When I started my comics and this website almost 4 years ago, I set out with a simple mission: to make law fun. Today, I feel even more convicted about this mission because everyone is tired of feeling powerless and oppressed. No matter what your skin colour is, our society is based on one fundamental principle: that the law applies to everyone equally and that justice is the domain of everyone. This is why lady justice is blindfolded, because she must be impartial.

Access to the law is powerful. Law cannot and should not be only for the rich or those who have special access. The law must be for everyone and can be for everyone. But people need access to it. While I cannot change the hurt of the past, and I am just a single person without much power, what I can do is continue my mission of making the law more fun and accessible. My goal is to demystify it, to teach everyone who wants to listen how it works, and for everyone to feel empowered to speak up, and to use the law – to defend their truths and to fight for justice.

I promise that I will keep showing up as best as I can. I will keep advocating for access to justice, and I will keep reminding everyone that legal knowledge is power.