And it goes on.

Well folks, I’m still here. Still slogging away in obscurity, still selling one damned book at a time. Amazon – the bane of my existence for which I have such a love-hate relationship with. I wonder if I should list my books on Etsy, is that a thing? 

For the last month or two (I’ve lost count) my bankruptcy picture books have just been sitting in my apartment. The story of an independent writer is apparently one of living with massive amounts of your own book babies. This was because Amazon stopped accepting non-essential items for sale due to COVID. Which, can I just say, I can’t believe it’s still going on. NYC is the epicenter of this pandemic so our lock-down continues. I honestly cannot complain at all, I feel so blessed and privileged to still have my job and my dreams but honestly it’s dragging and some days are harder than others.

So my plan for June is to hopefully upload to the Amazon cloud to sell all three of my stand-alone picture books: Bankruptcy, Torts and Contracts. This part is always the hardest, pushing them out into the world – the final step after months (which sometimes turn into years) of writing. Sort of like the last little bit of labour where you have to push extra hard. I use this analogy because so many of my friends have recently given birth to new humans. I’m still trying to birth books.

For those law students out there, I am sending you love and positivity. I know this is a horrible time for students everywhere, and even more so for stressed out law students. But we all have no choice because it goes on. We wake up and the world continues, like it or not. And so I too, must continue. One book at a time.