Bankruptcy Law Picture Book!

Guess what guys! I finished the first draft of my third book! WHAT!

Ok, so no one is paying attention but whatever, I am proud of getting this first draft done. I still technically have a publishing contract and the professor I am working with is equally frustrated with the publisher ghosting us but she says we are on track so I guess I’ll trust the process. Is this how it is with publishers? You email them and try to call them and get no response? Oh well. Live and learn I guess. Mostly you just focus on what you can control (ie the writing) and have to put faith that the rest of this will come together. I mean what can I do? Stalk the guy? I’m sure (I certainly hope) he has a good reason for being completely MIA.

One of my besties is an actress and is out there hustling and getting her ass kicked everyday. But when you get knocked down, you just gotta get up again. At least I am not facing the kind of rejection she faces almost daily. If she can get back up, I can too.

I don’t know how it’s going to happen but I will keep writing and one day one of my books will get noticed and then it will grow and grow. And acquire it’s own gravity. And I will be taken along for the ride.

Still the unpleasant work of trying to market my Contracts Law Picture Book is left. Going to *try* to send it out to publishers hoping to get picked up. So unpleasant. I hate this part so much. But a necessary evil. We don’t get to choose the work, the work chooses you. So much sucky-ness for tiny moments of glory. Why else live if not for those moments though? Why else live if not forĀ  chasing your dreams right?

I have been neglectful of drawing my comics. But honestly I have been pushing so far on this bankruptcy book that I really can’t do it all. Hoping to pick up the comics again soon now that the initial draft is done.

Day job is also picking up steam. SO PROUD of our team and the work we are doing. SO excited for the next phase of the company. Pour your heart out and hope the universe notices.