Ok, so I am SUPER frustrated with Amazon. They shipped out probably one of my books and it was damaged and now I got a complaint that the item was sold “as new” but isnt. And now they want ME to do something about this when I have nothing to do with the logistics of sending anything behind the scenes. *sigh*

In the meantime, they have de-listed my book. *sigh*

I have such a love hate relationship with Amazon. I love them because they allow me to sell my books. I hate them because they’re horrible to deal with. I think overall I will land on the side of – I can’t wait to not have to deal with the logistics of selling books. It’s why the publisher takes such a big cut – the back end logistics of actually selling physical things is awful. It makes me want to cry.

Still hustling trying to get there: that golden mountain top where I don’t have to deal with the business side of my art.

This part is always the hardest.

Still waiting on some movement on Bankruptcy. Sigh. Universe, please help me.