Moving on over to Substack

So, after 4 years of working full time and trying to side hustle my art and writing, I finally gave notice to my company.

It’s been honestly super traumatic. There’s been a lot of bad and stress but I am trying to focus on the good. The mental and emotional load of helping to build a start-up is no joke. Honestly it’s a miracle I survived this long considering how unsuited/unhealthy it was for me. Maybe some people thrive in this kind of environment but not me and I finally reached my breaking point. One day a novella will come out about all of this!

For now, my focus is to stay sane until April 16th – my final day at Concourse. I have spent the last 6 months finding a way to come home to myself and I finally found the courage to do so. This will be my third attempt at being a full time writer/legal cartoonist. I hope this third attempt will stick. It’s incredible to me that I started this website during my second attempt and that it’s been 4.5 years already since that point!

On that note, I have decided to chronicle my third (and hopefully final) attempt at being a writer on my Substack. It’s a way for me to anchor myself as I set off on this journey, to chronicle my progress and to practice writing in a structured way.

My plan is to redo this website eventually so that it’s focused only on my legal cartoons/picture books. I plan on then building another very simple site focused on my other writing projects. I am still not completely sure how this will all turn out but I basically won’t be “blogging” here anymore.

I am SO SO excited for what’s to come. Thank you universe for making space for me and my dreams. I am grateful to you and humbled that you’ll come along with me for the ride!

In solidarity,