Happy New Year (again!)

So the best part of being Asian (for the Asians who celebrate) is that you get a second kick at the new year can normally a little over a month after the Gregorian new year.

Thanks, God (as my MIL would say) that the year of the Rat has come to an end. We rats really unleashed a doozy of a year on the world. I always felt more like an ox anyway, probably could’ve happily¬†stayed in mom’s belly until the new year but alas they evicted me early. I am hoping this year of the ox will be as steady, humble, hardworking and diligent as Asian oxen are known to be!

I have been very MIA over the fall but for good reason. But I am working on opening many new exciting projects and this year is going to be a levelling up that has been a long time coming. VERY SOON!!!!

Am sending out a wish of serenity, calm, peace and fulfilment for 2021 – and for the year to be bullish in whatever ways that fill your cup.

In solidarity,