Out Out Newsletter!

Well, after like 2 years, we finally sent out a newsletter announcing my forth coming Contracts law picture book. Can you believe it took that long? I mean seriously. This shit is hard to do. Of course right after we sent it I found all sorts of broken links and broken everything. Of course. But hey, perfection is the enemy of progress right? (as my OCD goes into spasms). I said we would try to do a kickstarter but honestly I am really not into that idea at all. 

What I really want is for my partner to hit all the publishing houses in mid-town and try to find someone who would be willing to publish my book. We might move forward with that. Who knows. Still have no idea what I am doing. No one tells you that you sort of never know what the hell you’re doing. You just have to keep taking stabs in the dark and hope one of them lands.

Everyday we’re hustling.