When will this end?

This year has been probably the worst on record since a long time ago. Then again, I wonder if every year ends up being a personal hell for someone somewhere. If you think about it, maybe this is just life.

It feels like nothing has progressed this year. Probably not just for me – for everyone. I feel very stuck in the muck and unable to get out of the swamp. Torts and Contracts are both still stuck. Bankruptcy was stuck for the longest time. I know maybe it’s a sign to slow down by my heart is just constantly racing, it’s really hard to calm down when there’s a pandemic out there.

What else is there to say? It’s been a helluva year for everyone and the shit-storm is still not over. I think the only way out is through and to learn to forgive myself. I am trying my hardest, we’re all trying our hardest. Sometimes it’s just down and there’s not much else to be done. All we have is moment to moment. All we can do is give ourselves some space to feel awful.

The only way to the other side is through. One moment, at a time. This stuff truly sucks.