Ready for the fall

This year’s back to school is truly a gong show. But fall is my favourite season and despite the chaos, I am hoping that we can all slowly walk out of this mess.

I’ve started working on some tax law comics with some Canadian tax law professors. It’s interesting that the most boring subjects in law seem to have found me. Perhaps the reason is that they are so dry and that my work helps to liven otherwise dead topics. Whatever the reason, we are on this journey together and we’ll find out together where it leads.

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 7 years since I left big-law and started drawing my legal comics and writing. I still don’t feel (and I am still not) writing anything in earnest, but that’s ok. I’ve done a million other things in-between and in time I will get to writing in earnest. I just have to trust myself that it’s all unfolding like it should. I must have patience. It takes a long long time to move the needle, even when it’s something seemingly so sensical like drawing the law.

The arc of time is long and I am a turtle, taking micro-steps. But even turtles eventually finish the race. So too, we must all continue.