Happy New Year (again!)


So the best part of being Asian (for the Asians who celebrate) is that you get a second kick at the new year can normally a little over a month after the Gregorian new year.


Ready for the fall


This year’s back to school is truly a gong show. But fall is my favourite season and despite the chaos, I am hoping that we can all slowly walk out of this mess.


When will this end?


This year has been probably the worst on record since a long time ago. Then again, I wonder if every year ends up being a personal hell for someone somewhere. If you think about it, maybe this is just life.


And it goes on.


Well folks, I’m still here. Still slogging away in obscurity, still selling one damned book at a time. Amazon – the bane of my existence for which I have such a love-hate relationship with. I wonder if I should list my books on Etsy, is that a thing?  (more…)

This latest comic about assault…


I normally don’t like to talk about the colour of my skin because I don’t really believe that it has much to do with my work, but it feels quite different now. I am tired of all the hate and fear and I am tired of our community feeling powerless. Fight hate with kindness, but also with knowing your rights. Stay strong out there.


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